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A Great Spring Performance !!!


First Presbyterian Church of Fresno

This was a landmark concert to help our brothers/sisters in Germany, We met on the Reformation Tour and helped to repair their organ destroyed during the Cold War. 

We enjoyed hearing First Pres musicians on organ, piano, trumpet, vocalists, and the choir!

We were blessed!

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 In early 2013, the Executive Director of the National AGO requested information from all AGO chapter deans about how our chapter furthers education and knowledge of the organ. A response was drafted by Dr. Laurell Huber, the dean of our chapter at the time, which tells about our chapter and some of the many things we do in our area:

Finally, our chapter offers many concerts and other events over the course of the year, all designed to educated the community and "keep the torch alive and burning" for our instrument, the pipe organ. 

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 Listed below are the current members of our board. 

Michael VarlasDean (559) 661-1343

Cactus Harris SubDean (805) 591-9680

Catherine Walker, Recording Secretary (559) 658-7376

Stephen Vincent Treasurer (559) 638-4705 

Richard Cencibaugh Education Coordinator (559) 349-5162

lAndrea Belau, SPC Member-At-Large (559) 897-7076

Faye DeLong, Member-At-Large

(559) 897-2394
Jo DullMember-At-Large 

(559) 434-5649

Dennis Flynn Member-At-Large
(559) 584-7706

Helga Medd Member-At-arge

(559) 222-8348
Lynda RobertsMember-At-Large

(559) 439-2950

Michael Varlas Newsletter Editor
(559) 661-1343


 At the national level, membership supports the many programs offered by the American Guild of Organists, including educational activities, certifications, professional development, insurance, and discounts.

Membership dues also support the chapters at the local level. The San Joaquin Valley AGO uses part of these fees to maintain a scholarship program for children to attend Pipe Organ Encounters in other cities as well as other educational opportunities.

All memberships (except Chapter Friend) include a subscription to The American Organist magazine. 

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