Membership in the American Guild of Organists is open to all—professional organists and choir directors, students, and organ enthusiasts alike— regardless of musical ability, or denominational affiliation.  There are three categories of full voting membership: Young Organists (29 and under), Regular (30-64), and Special (65 and over or disabled). For each category, you can decide to receive The American Organist magazine in a printed format through the postal mail (TAO printed & online) or in a digital format through the national website (TAO online only). The dues amount for each type of membership is listed below.

TAO=The American Organist magazine
Regular-TAO Printed & Online: $105
Regular-TAO Online only: $97
Special-TAO Printed & Online: $80
Special-TAO Online Only: $72
Young Organist-TAO-Printed & Online: $50
Young Organist-TAO-Online Only: $42
To join the guild online, CLICK HERE
To download a paper membership application, CLICK HERE